August 2, 2010

Fuji Festival

There's nothing quite like a Japanese summer festival - girls draped in yukatas, delicious food and fantastic fireworks. Almost every town has its own festival and Fuji City is no exception. Fuji Festival is on the fourth Saturday in July every year. It takes place in Fujikawa, with panoramic views of the Fujikawa bridge and the Minami Alps. Against this backdrop, and with the shinkansen racing by from time to time, the fireworks were really something to behold.

Take the train to JR Fujikawa Station and follow the mob of people. It's about a ten minute walk to the festival site. The most comfortable place to view the fireworks is from a picnic spot but you have to buy a ticket that costs around 5000 yen (you can maybe fit up to ten people in each spot). This year, the fireworks started at 7:30 pm but come early to enjoy the festival mood.

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