March 2, 2010

Koln Jazz Club

Some of the best Japanese and international jazz and blues artists stop by this place from time to time. It was a nice surprise to find it really. There's always a show on Saturday night. It will cost you 1500 yen plus a drink for a local act or more if it's something special. There are live shows during the week sometimes too.
There is a decent drink list and food menu. The mastaa of the joint is friendly and a baddass on bass. It's become my regular Saturday night spot for these reasons and because the music is always soulful. More than that, you can't beat the vibe. You can't help but feel relaxed in a room full of jazz lovers. No snootiness.

Koln is about a 15 minute walk from Yoshiwarahoncho Station on the Gakunan Line (transfer at Yoshiwara Station on the JR). Alternatively, you can get off at the Yoshiwarahoncho bus stop. Here is a map.

And here is the house band doing a cover of Jimmy Reed's Big Boss Man at last week's blues night. The poor audio does no justice to how they actually sound.

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