August 9, 2010

Cannery Row Italian restaurant

This may be one of the best restaurants in Fuji City . It was certainly the one that came most highly recommended. After walking along the path lined with olive trees, rosemary and basil and glancing at the beautiful decor, I sat down to look at the menu and was shocked at how reasonably priced everything was.

First off, if you miss really good pizza, go to this place. They do pizza really well and there's a fantastic variety on the pizza menu, including Italian style and Japanese style choices.

And if you're a pasta junkie like me...again, go to this place. I recommend the spaghetti with smoked salmon cream sauce. Best of all, you can get lunch sets where you choose a main dish (pizza or pasta) and get unlimited salad bar and drink bar. And let me say that the salad bar alone is worth the price of the entire meal - rices, seafood, potatoes and a vast array of vegetables. And all of this will cost about 1200-1400 yen! I'm not sure if dinner is more expensive.

Finally, you can add TWO dessert choices to your lunch for a mere 240 yen or THREE for 340 yen. Cannery Row is well known for its great desserts. The momblan (Mont Blanc) cake is particularly good.

Cannery Row is located close to Fuji High School. See here for a map.


  1. hey, thanks for the post. I love Cannery Row. Use to go one in Kanazawa, Ishikawa-ken, all the time. Next time I'm in Fuji, I'm gonna pop into this one.

  2. hi there, I was wondering if you know of any schools where foreigners can get student visas and study in Fuji City?