June 6, 2010

Lake Tanuki

I've decided to post things that may not be in Fuji City, but are still easily accessible and worthwhile (in my opinion). I'm very much in love with nearby Fujinomiya and sometimes wish I lived there instead. One of my favorite places there is Lake Tanuki. It's a man made lake that's famous for a mirror reflection of Mt. Fuji.

Lake Tanuki is great for fishing, biking, walking and camping. There are some really good camp facilities like showers and cooking areas. There are also a lakeside restaurant and nearby temple. It's a nice walk to nearby Shiraito waterfall, too. A Japanese colleague warned me not to go in summer because an overgrowth of algae makes it a little smelly. Here are some pictures of my visit this spring.

Transportation to Lake Tanuki is easy. You have to go to Fujinomiya Station first, either by bus from Yoshiwara Chuo Station or by JR train. There's a bus from Fujinomiya Station to Shiraito falls and Lake Tanuki. I think it's platform number 2 but please check to make sure. Also be sure to check the bus times back. The last bus back from Shiraito falls to Fujinomiya Station is at 5:10 p.m. on weekends and is probably much earlier from Lake Tanuki. You can always walk from Lake Tanuki to Shiraito falls and catch a later bus like I did.

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  1. Hello! I was looking for details on how to do a daytrip in Lake tanuki and i found your blog. Do you still remember how much is the bus ride going to the lake and from the falls going back to Fujinomiya STation? Thanks