July 14, 2010

Fujinomiya Station

Fujinomiya Station is easy to get to from Fuji either by JR train or by bus from Yoshiwara Chuo Station/Fuji Station. Besides being able to catch buses around Fujinomiya, you can also connect to some of the best tourist sites in the country from here. For example, during the climbing season you can catch a bus to Mt. Fuji Fifth Station.

You can also get buses about once an hour to Shiraito waterfall, Taiseki-ji temple, Makaino Farm, Asagiri Highlands, Fuuketsu wind cave, Lake Tanuki, Lake Motosu, Lake Kawaguchi (and the very picturesque Fuji Five Lakes region) and Fujikyuu Highlands amusement park. I'm sure there are many more places along the way but I haven't explored them all. It's just a beautiful part of the country, inaccessible by train, and the buses from Fujinomiya Station will get you there.

Buses depart from Fujinomiya Station to Fujikyuu Highlands (with stops at Shiraito falls, Asagiri Highlands, Lake Motosu, Fuuketsu wind cave, Midori no Kyuu Kamura green village, Kawaguchi Station etc) at: 8:35, 9:05, 9:50, 10:35, 11:35, 13:05, 14:55, 15:45 and 17:05. The last bus back from Fujikyuu Highlands is at 17:35.

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