March 4, 2010

Fuji Soko Undo Park

Also known as Fuji Soko Undo Koen. It's an athletic park just across the street from both Fuji Tohoka University and this giant shiny dome, which is actually the prefectural swimming complex (available for use by the public at a cost of 500 yen). Fuji Soko Undo Koen is a very big sports park with a stadium, tennis courts, walking/biking trails and more.

Here is the exact location.

The reason I went there, however, was for the great views of Mt. Fuji (not that that's generally a problem in this city). There's a viewing station at the top of a hill in a prime spot.

Here is a lava mound at the park from one of Fuji's past eruptions, with Fuji-san himself in the background.

There is a very limited bus to the park from Yoshiwara Chuo bus station. I'd recommend walking or biking there, though. There is some uphill involved but the views are epic, with vast tea fields laid out before you. Makes you feel very small. *Edit: There are regular buses from Yoshiwara Chuo Station to Obuchi that stop close (0.8 km) to Fuji Soko Undo Koen. You have to get off in Hiromi, about 5 minutes after the Hiromi Koen stop. You'll see a big road sign in English pointing the way.

This picture kind of sums up Fuji City to me: industry against the backdrop of intractable nature.

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