March 8, 2010

Iwamotoyama Park

Don't wait until the plum blossoms are almost gone like I did. The end of February is the best time to see them. Lots of photographers apparently go there to get that perfect shot of Fuji with ume blossoms in the foreground.

Iwamotoyama Koen is also a good place for cherry blossoms in the spring. There are hiking trails in the park itself. The walk there, from Fuji Station for example, is definitely not boring. There is also the Iwamatsu Kita community bus service to and from Fuji Station that costs only 300 yen (though I haven't taken it).

Interestingly, there is a group of volunteers who care for the many stray cats at the park. You might want to take some snacks for the hungry kitties if you're headed that way.

The exact location of Iwamotoyama Park is here.

Log house on the way to Iwamotoyama Koen

Trees making love

Purple plum blossoms

Early cherry blossoms (sakura)

Petals fall everywhere like snow

Many different kinds of blossoms

Lovers' stroll

And this is just the last of the blossoms

White plum blossoms

The perfect seat

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