May 23, 2010

Fuji Central Park

There are about 150 parks in Fuji City but Fuji Central Park is one of the more special ones. In Japanese it's Fuji Chuo Koen. It's just across the street from the Rose Theater and any of the regular buses between Yoshiwara Chuo Station and Fuji Station will get you pretty close. It's a really good place to just sit and relax. You can watch skater boys or families playing catch. But the park is big enough that there are always private corners if you prefer.

During the colder months, there's an awesome view of Mt. Fuji and a nice duck pond. In fact, the view of Mt. Fuji at the top of this blog is from Fuji Central Park. In May, the roses come in and the colors and smells are fantastic. Actually, the rose is the official flower of Fuji City. Twice a year (April and October), according to the Fuji City website, the Green and Flowers Festival is held at Fuji Central Park. At this festival, you an buy flowers and plants and even receive free roses to celebrate the city's official flower.

The Rose Theater is located here. Fuji Central Park is just across the street.

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