June 15, 2010

Sumata Valley

If you take the Oigawa Main Line from JR Kanaya Station to Senzu Station, you can catch a bus for 860 yen to Sumatakyo Onsen. The Sumata River is a branch of the Oi River and Sumata Valley is stunning. The bus lumbers through winding mountain roads with breathtaking views before depositing you at the last stop - Sumatakyo Onsen. Once there, there are easy to understand maps that will tell you the way to the onsen, restaurants and hiking trails - all easily accessible.

I went in summer, but it's supposed to be even more stunning in fall when the leaves change color. You can hike paths with mountain goats, cross a suspension bridge and wander along the river. When you're finished, head to the outdoor onsen and pay only a couple of hundred yen to relax in natural hot spring water while you look up at the trees and mountains. Makes a great day trip. Be sure to walk with your camera.

Sumatakyo onsen
Heading into Sumata Valley by bus

Sumata Valley

Sumata Valley

Green Shower Road

One of the suspension bridges you can cross

Hiking along the Sumata river
Watch out for mountain goats

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  1. Hey there! Some interesting shots you've there, especially love those sakura photos! Have not seen sakura blossom in person before but hope to do so soon :-)