March 4, 2010

Cafe Sofarii

Located on Yoshiwarahoncho, very close to Yoshiwara Chuo bus station. The cafe owner lived in Hawaii for a while so there's usually a lot of relaxing island music in the background as well as unique world music tracks. They have live music shows sometimes, as well as hula dancing.

An entire wall of books includes a fair amount of English reading material. Overall, great worn, cosy cafe feel. Fantastic deserts and coffee. There's also a selection of wines. Food is mostly pasta, soups and sandwiches. Prices are about mid range - lunch will cost around 1500 yen and dinner 2000 yen.

Here is the exact location and here is their website (in Japanese).


  1. I went here one night for an Oxfam meeting with Linton and Fiona - what an incredible find! Highly recommended.

  2. This week they have a live music event - djembe drumming! Who knew these things happened in Fuji?